About Us

FM group was founded by Late Shri Satish Prakash Mittal in 1981 following the development of Firozabad’s (Uttar Pradesh) first fully automated glass manufacturing plant. Which was succeeded with the introduction of first glass bottles manufacturing unit.

At present, the rein of the group has been taken over by the learned and skillful directors Mr. Sanjeev Prakash Mittal, Mr. Sanjay Mittal and Mr. Sagar Mittal. Consequently it has emerged as a key player in the glass bottles industry with its three fully automated manufacturing plants in the city. Ever since the group is growing exponentially by following its strategy of maximum reinvestment.

At FM Group we constantly thrive to attain its objectives such as:

  • Ensuring the attainment of quality standards in all its functions.
  • To carry out its operation in a competitive and profitable manner
  • Enhancing the value of product to the customer
  • To capitalize on our human resources


Three fully automated furnaces are operated under three different units namely:

  • Farukhi Glass Industries (furnace capacity 125 tons)
  • Paras Glassware Industries (furnace capacity 250 tons)
  • Nannumal Glassworks (furnace capacity 80 tons)

Combining the resources of the three units, the company operates 9 different lines for the production of varied category of the bottles simultaneously. Moreover, to ensure the quality, single liners are installed on most of the lines.

Company is undergoing an expansion for the introduction of first sheet glass plant of the city.

ISO-9001: 2000, ISO-14001 CERTIFIED